Operation Modelhut

Sounds like a plot for a spoof but this was the name of the peace settlement that COCO CHANEL thought she was helping to broker during World War 2.  Did someone check her temperature?  She was a fashion designer with powerful friends, including Winston Churchill, but a peace broker – what a laugh.

Unfortunately some of the other revelations in a new book about Gabrielle Chanel are more serious claiming she was only one or two degrees of separation from Hitler himself through her relationships with various unsavoury characters.  I have not read the book but the author claims she was a German spy and anti-semitic, even using the War to try and get rid of her Jewish business partners but they had out-smarted her and reviews of the book claim it is well researched and documented.

The current House of Chanel is of course keen to distance itself from its namesake but is it possible to do so and does it matter given that she is long gone?  Gabrielle allegedly went into self imposed exile to Switzerland for  9 years to avoid prosecution so she knew she was involved in criminal activity even if she thought she could also be a peace broker.


3 Comments to “Operation Modelhut”

  1. Wow!

    Isn’t it shocking how many people were anti-semitic. I think they should all be named and shamed and I think Switzerland is a disgusting country, the way it still hides cash for fraudsters and dictators.

  2. Wow.quite shocking revelations. Quite agree, fashion designer yes, but peace broker – hardly!!

  3. I read online today that the founder of Ikea was a recruiter for the Nazi youth movement – what is wrong with these people?!

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