How Big Is Your …..?

The pocket size cameras seem to be a thing of the past as unprofessional photographers are able to afford and operate the newest versions of SLR cameras. As I take my tiny digital out of my pocket, I am filled with envy of those carrying their fantastic SLR cameras, getting great shots at a pressof a button. None of that lens twisting and knowledge of apertures and lighting. Just point and shoot!


I have noticed that over the last 30 years we have seen hand held technological gadgets go from being quite bulkly and large to minute and now back to large again.

My real comparisons are the mobile phones and cameras. The 80’s saw people carrying big brick phones and relatively large cameras. The following two decades saw these two gadgets become smaller and smaller so that they could fit in a person’s pocket. Now they are getting larger again as is my handbag! Oh and my sunglasses don’t just cover my eyes but half my face (which I quite like though)!

I quite liked the dinky and dainty. Everything was discreet and very portable. Now it is so large. So it does beg the question “how big is your ….?

Mine are getting larger and larger!


One Comment to “How Big Is Your …..?”

  1. Mine is large. My camera is a Sony SLR and never really based my buying decision around the size of it rather than fitting in my pocket. Although the mobile phone (before 3G/Wireless came into the scene) did shrink to a small piece of technology easily fit-able in your smallest pocket – with the ongoing trend of ‘always being connected’ has meant that the phones have become more smarter, slimmer with a wider surface enabling surfing experience to be as normal as it would on the laptop or a PC.

    The future phones have a mini projector in the phone reaching the size of 50 inches when projected on a flat surface.

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