Smell Ya Later, Grandma!

Apparently more and more British pensioners are retiring abroad with Spain being the top old folks arm chair of choice.  My cousin and I were discussing this over breakfast last Sunday as we lamented that it is highly unlikely that there will be a state pension when we are older even though we are paying for other people to enjoy it – not that either of us could sustain ourselves on the piddly amount given anyway.

I told my cousin that retiring to India might be an option for me as I am quite a sun worshipper, taking care of cold induced aches and pains and home care would be easy to organise.  When I am in Delhi I have staff and assistance that a lesser royal would envy so it would be easily affordable on a pension.  There are many benefits of this type but the negatives are there too.

For instance, I used to read in the Indian broadsheets almost on a daily basis of some pensioner being murdered by home help…  there is less chance of that in Britain.  I have never experienced an Indian hospital for anything serious so can’t comment and I hardly ever use the NHS but it’s nice knowing it is there (hopefully superbugs will be eliminated by then).  Finally, what about the sea and the beach?  My family home in Britain is a ten minute drive from a beautiful beach and sea but land-locked Delhi is a 3 hour flight away from the coast.

No country is perfect and I guess we will all have to weigh up the pros and cons so it would be better to consider it when we are younger rather than have others decide for us.


2 Comments to “Smell Ya Later, Grandma!”

  1. I couldn’t think of a worse retirement than hanging out in Spain with a bunch of English chavs drinking real ale in novelty Irish pubs!

  2. I couldn’t think of anything worse than retiring in India, it stinks and the infrastructure can’t cope with the population. Sunshine is the only thing it has going for it.

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