Apple A Day

A headline that knocked Libya from the No.1 spot is indeed global news: Steve Jobs handed in his resignation as CEO of Apple and the world blinked in disbelief and fear for the innovation black hole it could create.

I haven’t bought into the Apple Way Of Life quite as wholeheartedlyas others but I admire the innovative technological developments dreamed up by Steve Jobs and his team.  Thing is, we didn’t need to buy Apple products to be affected by them as their competitors scrambled to keep up with the pace of development offering us all a wider choice, it was win win for the consumer.

As corny as it sounds health is wealth and Mr Jobs knows it.


4 Comments to “Apple A Day”

  1. Sincerely hope that he recovers, he’s been a true inspiration and will continue to be so. I wonder whether Apple’s reign over the technology world has ended.

  2. I doubt it. Apple are still so innovative and great risk takers in the market place. The people taking over have worked with Steve for years and they may not have his charisma but they know how to run the business.
    I too hope he recovers.
    I love Apple and enjoy the ingenious of the company’s global strategy. I hate multinational corporations that dominate the world and yet I love Apple. They are sleek.

  3. I agree with Bunty there’s no way Apple are finished

  4. Really sad that Steve Jobs passed away. I don’t know why but I’m quite gutted even though I never knew him. I watched a speech he gave at Stanford University to new graduates, it was very inspiring, try to find it on youtube if you can it is worth listening to.

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