To Be Or Not To Be – Resuscitated?

That is the question being asked by a family that is suing the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, and a hospital trust in England in a case that could be important for all of us.  The Health Secretary is accused of acting unlawfully in not issuing policy or clear instructions regarding Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) after a family member died as a result of a Do Not Resuscitate being forcibly added to her medical record.

Forcibly? The woman who died discovered accidentally that DNR was on her record and had to fight to have it removed as but DNR was added back to her file a few days later and once again without her permission!  In England decision making for DNR has been given to local authorities therefore the decision to resuscitate or varies across the country.

Can you believe the patient is not consulted or informed about the decision made because local authorities don’t have to?  Given that euthanasia is illegal and the debates surrounding it are far from reaching a consensus I find this lack of control over our own lives at such a crucial moment completely shocking.  I would like to decide if DNR should be on my file or not, thank you.


2 Comments to “To Be Or Not To Be – Resuscitated?”

  1. I read about this Bubbly. We had to make the decision for my Grandfather and thank God we did resuscitate him 5 years ago as he is living a lovely now and still quite independent. Left to the medical team, they wouldn’t have tried as they had already concluded that he was on his way out.

  2. I find this story shocking and upsetting – i wonder whether this happened to my grandma.

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