Cheap Heart

I was a student in the days where we all enjoyed a free university education and graduated without the debt woes of the current geeks.  I am Scottish and I have to say I am pretty ashamed of Scotland’s poor camaraderie with the rest of the UK when it comes to tuition fees. 

I was unaware of the fee policy in Scotland and the petty nature of the regulations. I hope that English students manage to over-turn the rule forcing them to pay fees while EU citizens qualify for free education at Scottish Universities.

Grow up, Scotland.  Love thy neighbour and all that jazz.


One Comment to “Cheap Heart”

  1. I find it shocking that English and Welsh students are the only syudents in the EU that have to pay fees in Scotland. What I find equally shocking is that the people who have brought in these fees have paid nothing them selves, and now imposing massive fees on studnets with only a few years’ notice. In the USA, parents have 18 years from the day their child is born to save for college fees. These poor students will be leaving university with debts upwards of £40,000 and they have had no choice about it. I cannot agree with double standards like that, ever.

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