Ten Films That Changed The World?

I don’t agree with an article published in The Telegraph over the weekend listing ten movies that changed the world. Although I’m not as  dedicated to film as the writer I have hardly seen any of the films on the list and they don’t sound particularly life-changing.  So, without giving the list too much thought I came up with a list of movies that may not have change my world but were certainly milestones in my life from childhood and beyond, please add yours:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Sholay
  3. Super Girl
  4. Dirty Dancing
  5. Top Gun
  6. Godfather
  7. Inception
  8. Lord of The Rings
  9. Poltergeist/Nightmare on Elm Street – tough choice!!
  10. Terminator II

An extra for the list is Point Break because I am greedy and have a good excuse – Keanu Reeves turned 47 over the weekend, Happy Birthday thanks for being so yummy, just don’t say anything.


8 Comments to “Ten Films That Changed The World?”

  1. what about the Wizard of Oz and Scareface? Raja Singh

  2. The Telegraph list is full of films that actually changed world events and opinions.

    Hollywood chnages history so often it’s hard to tell what is true somwtimes. I’m sure there are lots of people who think that Braveheart is real and that William Wallace actually had an American accent and may have inpregnated the Queen of England at the time.

    The first film on the Telegraph list, The Birth of a Nation, has a chilling tale behind it in that it pretty much advocated racism. I had no idea that the Ku Klux Klan was pretty much extinct and this film came to it’s rescue…

  3. Mysterious Pinkie I don’t agree that they were world changing movies. A movie like the one you pointed out is shocking and increased KK membership but it didn’t change the world unless you lived in the American South and that’s where your world ended.

    Star Wars, on the other hand, changed the world because it showcased amazing technology, and a story on an epic scale that developed pupptery, make-up, science, business (movie merchandising) marketing and our imaginations.

    I agree with the Telegraph article that Jaws set new boundaries.

    Good suggestions Raja Singh, love Al Pacino.

  4. I don’t get how jaws changed the world though?

    Although I am still scared to get in the sea and if anything brushes past my leg I know it’s a shark!

  5. Not sure about changing the world but what about ET? Put Spielberg on the map and everyone wanted an alien friend!
    Also Matrix. Brought graphics used in animation to live action.

  6. Raja singh! Scare-face????

  7. I think Jaws changed the world because of the powerful music, the populist nature of the film, taking a swim was never quite the same again even if you were swimming in Scotland – not generally known as a shark hot spot!

  8. Jaws was a fantastic film wasn’t it? the first time I cried during a movie was during Life is Beautiful which is an incredible film. My guilty pleasure is You’ve Got Mail!

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