Who’s In My House?

Squatting is a big topic today in the press as Ken Clarke’s considers of making squatting illegal. However, not everyone shares his opinion of squatters. Judge Henderson thinks squatting is a good thing and has recently ruled Camden Council to disclose its list of vacant properties so that squatters can inhabit them.

Would you want a squatter in your house? What do you think?

Today I heard that a pregnant couple were held to ransom by 11 sqatters in West Hampstead as they were about to move into their new home. They have offered them £500 to move out but the squatters want more. How ludicrous is that! She is about to give birth and they cannot do anything to get them out. They are now having to consider legal action which is going to cost a fortune and will take months. But what if they didn’t have the money to pay for solicitors? What if their home had been destroyed? It seems that squatters have more rights than home owners and a legal battle can take months.

I agree with Ken Clarke, squatting in private properties shouldn’t be legal. I would be mortified to find squatters in my home and then to discover that I cannot get them out unless they willingly leave.


One Comment to “Who’s In My House?”

  1. I have double standards about this one. I for one would not want squatters in my house. But, I live in my house most of the year, and not on some paradise island in the Caribbean.

    I believe that the houses that the judge in Camden was referring to were ones that foreign investors have bought, and then they sit empty for years, appreciating in value due to lack of housing in London and high demand. Take a walk around Belgravia, and the streets are empty. There are no houses for sale. The streets, and private gardens in front, should be full of people on a summer’s day, but instead it’s like a ghost town.

    If a squatter damages your property, I believe they can be charged for criminal damage. But otherwise, why not force people to open up their houses and make them available for homeless Londoners. Then maybe they’ll do the socialist thing and rent them out to willing tenants. London’s housing needs the supply.

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