Peas in a Pod

Shivering through the Scottish Summer, I turn to comfort food to warm me up.  I’ve been making delicious frittatas since living with Spanish friends at uni and this recipe is perfect as not only does it feel healthy it is also light and tastes great hot and cold (although I prefer it hot).

What you need:

Olive oil


4 spring onions cut into small pieces

Small handful fresh mint leaves

150 g frozen petit pois

50-100g goat’s cheese roughly cut into pieces – I use Gevrik cheese from Waitrose (which comes in 70g) as it is creamy and mild.  I think Greek Feta may be too strong for this recipe but that would depend on your personal taste.

6 eggs – whisked

Milk (soya milk is fine, but full fat is best!)


How to make:

Boil a kettle.  Meanwhile melt a knob of butter in some olive oil in a non-stick frying pan.  Throw in the spring onions on a low heat.  The kettle will be boiled so put the frozen peas in a colander and pour over boiled water – this is a quick way to defrost them.  Add peas to the frying pan for a minute or so and then add torn mint leaves followed by the eggs and goat’s cheese.  Season well. Fold in the edges of the egg mixture until almost solid. Grill the top under a hot grill and serve with warmed bread and salad.

If you are in need of more veg in your diet (who isn’t?) add sliced courgettes before the spring onions.  Need more cheese (who doesn’t?) then cover the top with grated parmesan before grilling.


One Comment to “Peas in a Pod”

  1. I tried this recipe yesterday brunch and it is faaaaabulously tasty

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