Support Local, Get Ripped Off

Last week Tesco announced that they were pulling out of Japan as they couldn’t break into the market despite a decade long effort.  Fruit and vegetable sellers do morning rounds in every part of Delhi and most areas have small stalls where you can get all your basic needs.  However, supermarkets are on the increase in Delhi and I have to say I am beginning to prefer shopping in them.

There is the nostalgic/tourist charm of going to a vegetable seller but I look like a foreigner so I’m going to get ripped off, I don’t remember the prices of commodities so don’t know how much I’m being ripped off by, I live alone and don’t need large quantities of fruit and veg in kilos or half kilos but there isn’t the option of buying 2 onions, 4 tomatoes and 2 bananas (not to be cooked together!) from a street market.  I work long hours and can’t be bothered with the hassle of going to four different places to buy what I need, a supermarket has them all but of course this is exactly the change in shopping habit that puts small traders out of business in the long run.

In London, my sister and I decided to support our local fruit and veg shop instead of buying them from the supermarket.  However, I am increasingly beginning to have the same feelings as when I am in Delhi.  I feel that I am being ripped off by the local shop as they don’t display prices, we get a great deal less produce for a lot more money, the local shop has lower standards of hygiene and the owner is quite rude.  Is this a part of the nostalgic charm too?


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