34 C?

News from a country that would be bottom of my list of places to visit… Saudi Arabia.  They are slowly dragging themselves into the 21st Century by allowing women to sell lingerie.  OMG can you believe it?

Yes until now women had to turn up to a store and have their size guessed by a male sales assistant through their niqab.  Considering the statistic that most women wear the wrong bra size anyway imagine the difficulty here besides the embarrassment of having a pervert mentally undressing you.  I wouldn’t care if a there were male assistants in lingerie shops in the UK my problem is the misogyny hiding behind questionable religious laws.

I know many Saudi women travel abroad to shop and probably buy their bras in Selfridges or Macy’s not Jeddah but I find it infuriating that this patriarchal patronising country continues to have so much power in the world and does not get ridiculed enough for their backward perspective.


3 Responses to “34 C?”

  1. Saudi Arabia is the truly the worst place on the planet
    I’ve been there and it’s full of pervy men

  2. I am not surprised Chelsea. It is such a repressed society. It is madness in 2012 that this is progress in a society.


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