Did You Hear The One About The Smoking Baby?

Sadly this is not a sick joke. Yes, this Indonesian toddler smokes 2 packets of cigarettes per day and he is not alone.  If you didn’t hate tobacco companies enough already I think this would do it.

Obviously he is too young to buy his own fags all his extended family buy them for him and don’t see what the big fuss is about as they let him wash his cigarettes down with tonnes of coffee!  Child abuse on a monumental scale but sadly this horrific story isn’t unusual in Indonesia where tobacco companies are permitted to advertise in and around schools and to sell single cigarettes.

I actuallly feel disgusted.


5 Comments to “Did You Hear The One About The Smoking Baby?”

  1. Outrageous and speechless.

  2. Disgusting. Those photos are sick – what on earth is UNICEF doing!!

  3. This boy’s parents should be put in jail for this.

  4. Oh God this is awful. I hate the family more than the tobacco company. Do people really think this is ok?

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