Shrinking Skirts

A British high school announced they were banning skirts as part of their uniform forcing girls to wear trousers. How times have changed! When I was growing up hardly any school allowed trousers. Are some teenage girls incorrigible?

I went to a school for girls but my friends and I all hiked our skirts up as we grew more aware of our bodies.  We used to have length checks at assembly and our teachers would pre-warn us to undo our zips and pull the skirt lower so we wouldn’t get into trouble.  We didn’t do it for the boys, there weren’t any.  I think it was quite innocent but I do realise that we live in a more sexualised society now and some girls don’t know where to stop.

Uniform rules are there to be broken or tested to the max so I wonder how creative girls will become.  My high school solved the problem by introducing a kilt into the uniform as they can’t be pulled higher, boring!


4 Comments to “Shrinking Skirts”

  1. Isn’t this funny – when I was at school there was a rule that girls couldn’t wear trousers so we all went on strike (’twas the 80s)

    Girls will always hitch their skirts up – who cares? I heard someone on the radio saying this is different because girls are doing it earlier and earlier .. but you must all remember a 12 year old that did it when you were that age. I was 16 when I started hitching my skirt up .. we just grow up at different ages. What needs to change are the pervy men and their attitudes.

  2. My school also don’t allow us to wear a skirt in our school yard. But I think the shrinking skirts are very suitable for us, because the skirts can make us more beautiful, and this skirts are more comfortable then others. I believe a majority of girls will love wearing the shrinking skirt.

  3. Surely trousers can just get tighter and tighter? The skinny jeans that are in fashion at the minute don’t leave much to the imagination…

  4. Is this for real? Vakeel Bibi, I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Also, don’t parents have somewhat of an input on what kids wear to school or am I living in the dark ages.
    I was never allowed to wear short skirts and remember on a family holiday to India, I turned up to a party in a Salwaar Kameez and all the girls where wearing short skirts. This was nearly 15 years ago!!!
    Somehow, I cannot see this rule lasting as their are surely going to be rebels with a cause…

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