Scent Of A (Dead) Woman

Ah, the seduction of the scent of a woman… last week I spent hours in Selfridges pouring over perfumes as I searched for the perfect one as a gift for my sister’s birthday.  I sniffed so many bottles that I temporarily lost my sense of smell!  I finally settled for an absolutely delicious Jo Malone scent that my sister LOVED.

However, I was quite amused by the advertising campaign for Jo Malone’s latest perfume and must say it would not entice me to even spray test it just in case I died of the plague like the model implies.  Creepy.

Thanks for the post title, Al.


2 Comments to “Scent Of A (Dead) Woman”

  1. I would agree with you on that, it’s kinda creepy but can easily catch attention, and why not? It’s really a good scent of perfume. Great creativity Jo Malone!

  2. Hahahaha that ad is awful … She reminds me of Laura Palmer!

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