Topman Pulls Offensive T-Shirts

Belated judgement call by Topman after it received negative publicity for t-shirts that compared women to dogs and seemingly poked fun at domestic violence.  High Street chains produce styles in thousands not hundreds so the person that gave these designs the production go-ahead needs to go back to funny school. 

Of course there are people out there who claim hairy armpit feminists and crazy politically correct people are simply over-reacting but the t-shirt I have shown displays commonly known excuses for people who commit domestic violence.  If I give the following example, we all know what I’m talking about:

The dog ate it

I left it on the bus

It got covered in rain

My grandma died

No excuse, Topman.


One Comment to “Topman Pulls Offensive T-Shirts”

  1. I thought Top Man’s excuse was rather poor. Bad taste and poor ethical judgements.

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