Indian Food Comes Second to Chinese

A survey carried out by Waitrose Kitchen claimed that Chinese food has finally taken over Indian food as the most popular choice of take away.


The loss of top spot for Indian food which has been part of British cuisine for nearly 400 years is a little sad to hear. I have always felt a great sense of pride that my much loved food has a presence in homes that have no exposure to Asian culture except for their Balti or Tikka on a Friday or Saturday night.

The history of Indian food in Britain dates back to the times of the East India Company. During the 1700s, as British interests grew in India, so did the interest of the British in Indian food, leading to the commercial creation of the curry powder in 1780.

The first appearance of curry on a menu was at the Coffee House in Norris Street, Haymarket, London in 1773 but the first establishment dedicated to Indian cuisine was the Hindostanee Coffee House at 34 George Street, Portman Square, London in 1809.

Indian food has great history here in England in the various forms it has invented itself and I for one prefer it over a Chinese anyday.



4 Comments to “Indian Food Comes Second to Chinese”

  1. That’s interesting that Indian food has been knocked off the top spot. I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food but Thai is delicious.

    I’m not good at cooking India food so you might see me in the Indian food section in Waitrose…their spinach dal is to die for!!!

  2. Chinese food is disgusting compared to Indian – so blaaaaand and tasteless. Lemon chicken? Give me a break.

    And all that MSG makes me go a little crazy. Once after a Chinese meal, my whole body became covered in a red rash and my sister and I panicked like mad as it was very worrying. My sister was so concerned that she resolved to stay awake as she was worried that something bad would happen to me from this horrible allergic reaction. Anyway she fell asleep in about 5 minutes and I am still here … to tell you all that Chinese food is just wrong.

    Also, dont you all feel hungry about 30 minutes after leaving a Chinese restaurant?

  3. Indian is miles better than Chinese – and healthier! The only thing that gives Chinese food any taste is salt!

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