A + B = Less Prisoners



The London Evening Standard has been running a campaign to improve literacy rates in the city.  In an article yesterday they explained that half the London prison population cannot read.  I never knew the situation was quite so bad but it has long been accepted that the path to rehabilitation and reduction in re-offending includes providing greater opportunities for ex-prisoners.

I fully support the effort to educate prisoners as it must be truly awful to go through life and being truly independent without being able to read (I can’t read Hindi and this ocassionally disables me in Delhi).  However, I’m going to digress to say I would be quite prejudiced if I saw a criminal conviction on a resume.  I know the spectrum of criminal behaviour is wide and varied and I should give people a second chance but… I knew a QC who would allow reformed murderers he once represented to drive him and his family around on short breaks to remote locations around Scotland, very brave! He should be an example to me and my prejudiced ways be he isn’t, any thoughts?


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