Christmas Comes Early To Saudi Arabia

Two bits of progressive news from The Kingdom of Men in one month?  First the underwear sales staff news and now the news that the Saudi King announced yesterday that women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to vote from 2015 (don’t get too excited) and women will be permitted to run for election for local government.  In The Independent newspaper King Abdullah was quoted as saying “Because we refuse to marginalise women in society in all roles that comply with sharia…” has HRH been living in another country all his life?

It will be fascinating to observe how the brave women who put themselves forward for such elections will compete.  Like the debate surrounding teachers and head scarves/niqab’s and so on, do we not need to see the faces of our representatives? Is that not more trustworthy?  I know this is at national level but politicians are groomed by body language experts at great expense to convince us to trust them but perhaps the Saudi women can show us that actually listening to their policies is what counts.


4 Comments to “Christmas Comes Early To Saudi Arabia”

  1. And now that poor rebellious car driving woman has been spared the lashes she was about to receive!!
    What next .. a female PM??

  2. thanks for the update, vakeel bibi she must be relieved

  3. It looks like at long last Saudi women are beginning to take the first steps towards a long overdue equality with Saudi men. Doesn’t it strike you as strange, though, that the West hasn’t invaded, all guns blazing, boots on the ground, long before now because of this blatant breach of human rights? Couldn’t be that the Arabs are left alone because of their longstanding agreement to only sell oil in dollars, could it?

  4. You know the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction. So sad.

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