No Florence Nightingales

The healthcare system has been under fire again this week and once again, nurses face the brunt of the attacks. They are understaffed, overworked and most of all, it appears that bureaucracy has superceded care.

To alleviate the burden on nurses, Dr Peter Carter, head of the Royal College of Nursing, has suggested that families should be encouraged to assist patients during mealtimes and taking them to the toilet. Whilst I am all up for families helping their sick members, it does concern me that that these essential human needs will be entirely left to a family member and what will happen if they are not there?

This week alone, I have heard of a female having to hold her father’s penis so that he could go to the toilet as the nurses were to busy to take him; a friend’s mother broke her arm falling off a commode and was left their for two hours until a family member arrived and found her; and a patient choking to death because a family member was trying to feed them rather than a trained nurse. No dignity, no concern and no training.

Is Dr Carter entirely sure that this is way forward for nursing in England? All of a sudden, private healthcare sounds like a much better option for everyone as our taxes cannot even pay for basic nursing provisions from the NHS.




One Comment to “No Florence Nightingales”

  1. I think if family members were to assist they would have to sit down with the nurses and work out a schedule.

    It does seem as though the service you get varies between Trusts and postcodes. I know from family members in Scotland that they are really looked after and the doctors and nurses are dedicated to saving lives and curing health problems but in the news I only hear of horror stories. Surely they service should be as generic as going to any franchise in the private sector?

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