B4U Generation

Just as MTV transformed our access to Hip Hop, B4U has transformed our access to modern Bollywood music. But has it made the youth of today’s music interests’ one dimensional?

Perhaps not, but maybe limited. Having grown up on Top Of The Pops and pirate radio stations, Hindi music was learned from my parents and was mostly listened to in the car visiting relatives and family friends.

Today, Asian TV stations are the choice of many Asian households. Therefore, it is normal for children to grow up with solely Hindi music. It seems that there is a growing trend at family parties (wedding, birthdays etc) to predominantly play Hindi music whereas 5 years ago, this was far from the trend.

Amusingly, I recently witnessed a floor being cleared with the introduction of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and filled again with a Sharukh Khan number, dance and all! A suggestion to me that the B4U generation is here.



One Comment to “B4U Generation”

  1. Can someone explain to me why all the women look like indian barbie doll clones (where does one indian actress end and the other begin?) and all the men look gay or like teenagers? In your photo above the girl looks like the generic girl from bolly and the boy is wearing something from the 80’s – his leather jacket looks like it has a union jack on it and he’s wearing ripped jeans and his friend behind him is wearing a white jacket for god’s sake.

    I dont’ care about indian music becoming popular (dull though it is) but when will they ever ever get a sense of STYLE!!! All my Indian friends will spend 100’s on their saris and then when we go to a bar they will only be in clothes from h+m or other cheap rubbish. This is London!

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