Banned Books

A book festival with a different angle, British librarians got together to select  must-read books that were once banned.

It’s great reading about the reasons particular titles were banned and the reasons various nations, states or authorities gave for banning books.  Some of the messages they read between the lines seem ridiculous but I’m sure authors today would love to be on a banned list.  Cult status awaits!

Unsurprisingly The Satanic Verses made it on to the list.  I have read this book and a few other Rushdie titles and think that he needs a really strict editor, they were good but could have ended much earlier,  saved some trees and a few days of my life in the process.

See the list to find out more such as why on earth was The Wizard of Oz banned?


One Comment to “Banned Books”

  1. Governments used to be so easily scared of literature and it’s sad that they had so much control.

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