Billionaire Blair

I can’t stand the sight of him or his voice.

Earlier this week Channel 4 showed a Dispatches documentary highlighting Tony Blair’s potential conflicts of interest and billionaire lifestyle since leaving British politics.  Former Prime Ministers are not meant to profit from the position they once held but I guess the problem with the new trend for younger Prime Ministers is that they have an awfully long career ahead of them once out of office and young families to provide for.

This story was then taken up by The Daily Telegraph and other newspapers and Tony Blair finally came out and defended his profiteering on…an interview with India’s CNBC-TV18.  Have you ever heard of that channel or have access to it?

The master of self-promotion lamented how he was hated by the far-left and far-right media and so on, that in fact he’s not earning nearly as much as he could and while he was at it he blamed the summer riots on children of drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes!

Why does Tony Blair not hold a press conference/release a statement in Britain?


4 Comments to “Billionaire Blair”

  1. I hate him too – I was one of his young voters to sort our country out and had no idea what a snake he is – everthing he does is contrived. He found god after leaving government .. Fabricated to ensure larger audiences in America. The US is welcome to him, I hope he rots there

  2. People get into politics not because its pays well, in fact it doesn’t pay well at all. The whole reason why people get into government is to build up a network worthy of billions once they leave the government.

    Tony Blair is one such example, but not the only one who has made millions (or a billion). This is politics as once you leave government you reputation gets stronger due to the government involvement.

  3. I too was one of his young voters and have been left disappointed by him. However, he has left government and there are a bunch of people who will pay a handsome sum to have him just turn up and smile. I don’t think anyone expects him to say no and live a paupers life.

  4. I agree with you Bunty, but him and his wife lack dignity – Maggie T et al all enjoy handsome payouts for speaking at events but there appears to be some limit to what they are prepared to do and manage their egos a little better.

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