Doggy Bag Please!

Are you too embarrassed to ask for a doggy bag for your left over food in a restaurant? A survey compiled by the Sustainable Restaurant Association revealed that at least 25% of us are to shy to ask for a doggy bag whereas our friends across the Atlantic regard doggy bags as a norm.

In a campaign launched by the association today called “Too Good To Waste”, 25000 biodegradable boxes will be issued to participating restaurants which in include Leon and Wahaca so that we can take home our leftovers. But will we eat them….?

I am so up for reducing the 21 tonnes of food waste generated by each restaurant a year, but eating leftover carbonara or soggy pie, mash and gravy the next day doesn’t appeal to me. I have been known to ask for a doggy bag but this is usually for food such as pizza, samosas, sushi etc..

Maybe there are some foods that lend themselves to doggy bags and others that don’t. I am not part of the British shy clan but I have my limits on what I will take home.



4 Comments to “Doggy Bag Please!”

  1. The only type of place I would ask for left over food to be packed is in an Indian restaurant as this is also only place where I would order more than I could eat…Miss Piggy!!

  2. I was in a very posh pub in Wales, the type that Wills and Kate are seen in (such a tourist!) and my friend ordered sunday lunch which looked fabulous. She didn’t finish it and asked for a doggy bag, to which the waiter looked a little horrified as she had only left a bit of lamb, one potato, some veg and a smudge of gravy. He brought it back in foil which looked a little rank. Anyway, it was quite hilarious but there is no way I would ask for a doggy bag in that situation!

  3. I would only ask for a doggy bag if there was a decent amount of food left. Vakeel Bibi, I would never ever ask to take home teeny bit of lamb and one potato. Your friend needs more shame!

    I went for afternoon tea in Fortnum and Masons one time, and everyone, categorically everyone, was taking home a doggy bag. That meant that every time the waiter came with more cakes, you had to say yes. My friends and I weren’t savvy enough to do this (we though everyone else was being very wasteful ordering more food) and at the end we only had about two biscuits left on our little cake stand. But we still coped everyone and took home a doggy bag, albeit a very empty one!

  4. Great story City Slave. This made me laugh. I would definitely be taking cakes home from F&M.

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