Child Adoption: Hollywood v Bollywood

David Cameron used his party speech to bring child adoption to the front of his agenda highlighting the woefully inadequate placement of children.  With children from ethnic minorities the figures are worse as an ethnic match is preferred but ethnic minority families seem more reluctant to put themselves forward. 

Every now and then since my teenage days to the recent Pakistan floods my sister and I would ask my mum if she would consider adopting a child.  My mum always said that she would not as she would fear for her safety when the child grew up and would worry that the child’s parents would turn up demanding money and assets.  My mum is a very kind and generous woman who has donated to charities in the UK and abroad her entire life but is wary of this life-long commitment and potential back stabbing.  I wonder if these Bollywood type fears are not hers alone in ethnic minorities.

One of my friends in Delhi has had children thrust upon her by low income parents offering them for adoption and the parents very obviously would stick around for handouts and trips abroad.  I’m not in a position to adopt at the moment but I would like to think it is something I would consider.  My images of adoption are different to my mum’s: my Hollywood connotations are of Tom Hagen from the Godfather- trusted consigliere to the Corleones or Angelina Jolie and Madonna who have both made adoption seem a normal aspect of modern family life.

If Salman Khan adopted a child, would it have positive consequences?


2 Comments to “Child Adoption: Hollywood v Bollywood”

  1. My mum is the same. She is convinced that the child won’t be orphaned in the first place and that the children will turn around after 18 years of bring them up and tell her that she’s not their mother so she can’t tell them what to do. To be fair, I think I told my mother that much younger than 18 and I’m pretty much 100% sure I’m her biological daughter…

  2. I think their is a negative perception of adoption amongst Asian families. When we were having trouble conceiving, I raised the subject and both my parents and in-laws were not very supportive of the idea. My aunt who is a solicitor, deals with adoption cases all the time. She too considered adoption when she couldn’t have children but the red tape involved in the UK really put her off. A couple in our community recently went to India and adopted a baby. They paid quite a price for this baby and it really did sound like they had bought her. Anyway, have heard many say that it will be trouble in the end suggesting similar things to your Mums Bubbly and City Slave.

    My aunt also says that the need for Asian parents is so great and there is a rising population of Asian children in care and with the current system, they will never find a family home.

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