South Asian Literature Festival

Apologies for the London-centric post but the South Asian Lit Fest begins tomorrow with a great line up of authors, discussions and events from tomorrow 8 October all the way to 24 October.

I was going to go to Scotland on Monday but will now stick around for the (free) Mohammed Hanif event on Monday.  The author will read from his new book and be interviewed on stage.  Mohammed Hanif won acclaim for his debut novel, A Case of Exploding Mangoes.

The festival is taking place in venues all over London from the grungey East End to The Nehru Centre in glamorous Mayfair.  Journalist Rani Singh opens the festival tomorrow with a discussion on Sonia Gandhi.

I think the festival is a great idea but I have to say I only stumbled upon it while reading the ‘what’s on’ section of my local paper.  I was even in one of the venues last week and didn’t see anything promoting the event.  I hope the organisers get a good turnout.


2 Comments to “South Asian Literature Festival”

  1. Thanks for letting everyone know, I had no idea this was one. It looks very interesting!

  2. Fab .. I also didn’t know this festival existed!

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