Amir Khan, Prada Model

The inside cover of The Daily Telegraph’s Saturday Magazine was a Prada sunglasses advertisement featuring Amir Khan.  No, not the age-denying old grandpa from Bollywood but the Super Lightweight World Boxing Champ.

Although I’m not a fan of boxing I think it’s refreshing to see recognition of young British Asian talent.  Amir Khan famously commented that he felt he did not get as many sponsorship deals or press attention of his successful boxing career because he was British Asian and I wonder if it’s true.

What I find equally interesting is that the ad ran in the Telegraph magazine, famous for leaning to the right of the British political spectrum.  If you have ever had the displeasure of reading comments on their website in Muslim/immigration/Greek debt related articles you will find uncomfortable reading.  However, as a wonderful Private Eye article commented a few weeks ago The Daily Telegraph actually issued an apology on behalf of its readers on an article relating to gay marriage.

Why do I read it?  Because their fashion spreads are good and The Guardian is so wet sometimes.  Do I sound guilty enough?


2 Comments to “Amir Khan, Prada Model”

  1. Well I think he might be getting some more ad deals. He looks hot!

  2. Really? He looks homosexual to me, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t look hot but still…

    I like prada thought – hurrah

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