Forced Marriages

Forced marriages were on the agenda in British politics today under a new guise. To protect British borders.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, would like to see forced marriages criminalised despite the Home Secretary rejecting requests from pressure groups only a month ago.

Forced marriages are predominantly associated with the Asian community and victims of forced marriages have suffered extreme hardships, mental and physical abuse.

Cameron likened forced marriages to slavery today and for the first time in many years on the campaign to criminalise force marriages, the rhetoric was powerful and could lead to change.

Whatever the guise, slavery was abolished in this country nearly 200 years ago. I long for the day I hear “Forced Marriage Abolition Act”.


One Comment to “Forced Marriages”

  1. That really is great news, Bunty. I know some British Asian men are forced into marriages but the number of young girls and women is far greater and I feel they are more vulnerable.

    Criminalising forced marriage has an emotional impact but I hope the government will back this law with effective practical measures through British Embassies and Consulates in South Asian countries. Many young people have their passport taken from them to prevent fleeing and I think there should be an emergency international number for friends or family to phone to help their loved ones.

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