Fox’s Friend

What is going on between Liam Fox MP and Adam Werrity?

This is a really odd story that just doesn’t seem to make sense. There are so many unanswered questions and I fear that once again, a very big can of worms have been opened.

Whilst there may be innocent explanations for Werrity’s presence in some of these meetings, it gives me great concern that this man can walk in and out of the Ministry of Defence without any clearance or suspicion. What if he has terrorist intentions?

He carries an official House of Commons business card and changes his job to match the industry to which Liam Fox gets assigned. Isn’t there something unlawful about this?

Some things just don’t add up and I am finding the duplicity and hypocrisy of the people who are running this country rather offensive.






5 Comments to “Fox’s Friend”

  1. Another word for it could be corruption. It is just shocking and shameful that this man was allowed to follow the defence secretary for this long without being questioned. I think the only reason his involvement has been revealed is because he must have made some serious enemies along his path as an adviser to Liam Fox. Third World Britain.

  2. I know this will sound cynical, but I think Liam Fox or his geeky pal just p1ssed someone off and this is sweet revenge. All the politicians now have had a lesson to calm down, get off their high moral horses about News International and remember that they might be next!

  3. Have you heard of the charity that had 5 Tories ministers as trustees- the charities commission shut it down as it was up to something dodgy – Liam Fox was one of the trustees.

  4. the charity was tax dodging

  5. What’s so irritating is that Cameron has managed to come out of this scandal looking loyal, fair and a good leader. Arghhh!!!

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