The World is 6,000 Years Old

At least according to a Muslim school in Leicester it is.  Famous atheist, scientist and writer Richard Dawkins recently visited various faith schools in Britain and while he dislikes all of them he was scathing about Muslim schools in particular and the story made the front page of one of the broadsheets.

As a part-time Muslim I do find his experience cringe-worthy.  I remember reading a prospectus for a Muslim Girls’ School in England and it was absolutely awful, sexist and pathetic.  No technology classes for them, why would the baby machines need to know about that?  While many people find religion comforting and don’t know how to believe in a life without it I think it is just plain silly and illogical to believe in religion over science when the facts are so unquestionable, how could the dinosaurs have died and turned into fossils before the earth was even created?

Otherwise normal, logical, rational people in my family go bananas when it comes to religion: apparently Jonah really did live in a whale and Noah really did live until he reached 200 years old and Moses really did part the sea.  Okay…


One Comment to “The World is 6,000 Years Old”

  1. Personally, I don’t have much time for faith schools whatever the religion. I like a mixed group of people from differing backgrounds studying with each other and learning from each other. I can only imagine what a faith school for Muslim girls is all about. What is really sad is young parents choose to send their children to these schools. I see it Hindu schools all the time. Sometimes I feel like society has become more segregated and polarised.

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