Mary, Queen of Gaffs

Mary Portas has been engaged in PR damage control today as the newspapers and reader comments pour in criticising Mary for calling female Cabinet Ministers ugly and all female politicians badly dressed.  Yes, the same Mary who wants to save women (particularly women over 40) from themselves.   Mary even compared British female politicians to their French counterparts who she finds much sexier and better dressed.

I find her comments shocking: politicians, male or female, are there to run the country and whether they have a perceived good sense of style is irrelevant and a side issue from their main responsibilities.  Women simply can’t win, if female MPs were immaculately groomed and incredibly chic they would be criticised for paying more attention to themselves than the country.

Of course, in an interview Mary Portas couldn’t name more than three female MPs  and I wonder if she could name a single French MP whose style she seems to admire.


2 Comments to “Mary, Queen of Gaffs”

  1. I am so happy that you wrote this article and feel the same as I did when I read about the same thing.

    Our grandmothers have battled for centuries to be recognised for what we do and what we say and this stupid Mary Moron reminds us that we should care more about lifting our tits up and wearing some lippie.

  2. I can only agree with your sentiments on this Bubbly. Really cannot say much more than “what an intelligent thing to say”.

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