Show Me The Money

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader’s birthday bash was an elaborate affair with no expense spared.  This included a celebrity guest budget that paid for Jean Claude Van Damme and Hilary Swank to get up on stage and pretend to be buddies with Mr Kadyrov.  Van Damme even declared that he loved him!

Hilary Swank issued an apology yesterday, now that the cheque must have cleared, claiming that she did not know of the human rights abuses that the Chechen leader is accused of, even though Hilary announced on stage at the time that she knew of his birthday as she did her research.  Like we say in Scotland, OH AYE?  She also must have accepted the explanation that Allah paid for her and the others to attend.

While I accept that everyone’s got to make a living and so on (Jennifer Lopez, 2002) the whole saga smells like desperation to me.


3 Comments to “Show Me The Money”

  1. now that’s what I call acting bravo!

  2. What did J lo do in 2002?

  3. X, sorry but the wonderful JLo didn’t do anything I was just being a geek: ‘everyone’s got to make a living’ is a line from one of her tracks – Jenny from the block! Remember that?

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