Men in Heels

An interesting new trend from NYC sees men squeezing their size 11s into the latest designer heels and it seems that the sky is the limit as to how high they will go and how much men will spend.  Of course many designers don’t produce styles in larger sizes so some of these guys have spent $3,000 on custom designs.

Although I find the look strange I think it’s just one of those things we would get used to if we saw more of it.  The men interviewed for the article in the New York Times were otherwise dressed in a conventional manner, they were simply bored of the lack of styling choice available to men.  I am regularly asked to design styles for men and have to say I find men’s fashion so dull and their attitude to trying new styles even worse that I can never be bothered.

I love that Scottish men wear kilts and South Asian men look great in kurtas but ask an English guy if he’d wear a kilt and wait for the huffing and laughter followed by declarations of what manhood is all about.  Well, all I can advise is that casualty rooms better get ready for the increase in sprained mankles, ouch!


6 Comments to “Men in Heels”

  1. Fancy dress parties aside, I don’t think you could get a straight guy anywhere in the world to wear high heels on a normal day…

  2. Definitely more attractive that Sarkozy Heels!

  3. I can’t imagine my husband in heels and I am so pleased. I like the fact the only person in heels in my house is me!!!

  4. Two Italian men asked me for my opinion earlier today as they tried on gold 7″ peep toe heels, I told them I loved them!!

    London is amazing.

  5. I am a straight married guy and I have been wearing high heels (in public) since 1996. I like the look, the feel, and gals shoes just look nicer that most mens styles. I do keep the heel to less than 2 1/2 inches and don’t wear “flashy” stuff that attracts attention. Not my thang, I just enjoy wearing heels…..

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