A Room of Her Own

More hotels around the world are catering to single female travellers by providing women-only floors, women only upgrade packages or extra security for women to encourage bookings.  The cities that have started offering these services are as diverse as Delhi, Copenhagen and New York.

I have heard stories in India of hotel staff going into women’s rooms and it is generally believed to be unsafe for women to travel alone but I think this is scaremongering because the list of Things Women Should Not Do is quite long.  On the other hand, when I first went to India I searched and searched for women-only accommodation and checked in to the only place providing it for my entire trip (I have my own apartment now, I was a bit silly back then!).

Although security of lone travellers should be standard service regardless of sex I guess in some parts of the world it may be harder to provide.  In addition to security, apparently women want larger shower heads, more wardrobe space and pampering products such as bath salts.  Well, I can’t imagine women objecting to that offer but apparently one prestigious hotel in London stopped their women-only services due to low uptake.  Suck a fickle lot.


One Comment to “A Room of Her Own”

  1. I can say that as someone who spent many years business travelling alone, I do not know if this really makes a place secure. I am inclined to believe that hotels should be a safe place for all. Interesting fact about the London hotel abandoning its women only facility.

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