Matter of Judgement

First Andrew Coulson, now Liam Fox, who next??????

Whilst Liam Fox’s judgement is in question, shouldn’t the Prime Minister’s be too? He seems to provide loyalty to some very strange people who put this country into disrepute. Radio 4 this morning discussed Cameron’s casual style of running his Cabinet and that advantage was being taken of his lack of awareness. My question is why is the Prime Minister so casual with such important issues such as defence?

I suggest that Cameron stops playing Prime Minister and starts being Prime Minister. I sound very cross and that is because I am. Are ministers above law and can they just do as they please? The matter of judgement lies clearly with the Prime Minister first and foremost.



2 Comments to “Matter of Judgement”

  1. Agreed, Bunty. It’s also shocking how arrogant Liam Fox has been through the whole scandal. His apology was wooden and even now he is blames the media for hounding him. I think he is only sorry that he got caught.

    Liam Fox demonstrates the truly awful side of the Conservative Partyl that should be confined ot the backbenches for life: Liam Fox was anti-abortion and has been accused of managing a secret alternative foreign policy in accordance with his own right-wing agenda.

    I think Britain is a safer place without him and thank you British media!!

  2. I know ! Yay for the British Media, they are back on track to holding those people who serve us accountable for their actions!

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