Body of Evidence

As Libyans queue to see the, now decomposing and gruesome, body of Gaddafi a body of another kind – the pathetic United Nations – seeks to charge the soldiers responsible for killing Gadaffi under international war crimes!

It does make me wonder whether the closest these government pen pushers ever got to a war is, like me, in a Hollywood movie.  Thankfully, I find it difficult to imagine what it is like to live through a war but this is the reality for millions around the world.

I can imagine that if you were a soldier, fighting for the freedom of your country and in this aim you were supported by the rest of the world (as they have not yet branded you a terrorist) and during battle you were confronted with the dictator who was the reason that the war started and his death would mark the end the war…the last thing on your mind might be what the UN would want to do with Gaddafi.  Perhaps you may even remember that Gaddafi famously carried a 24 carat golden pistol that he may shoot you with and his bodyguards were probably close.

I think it is terrible that the UN would even consider charging these soldiers for killing Gaddafi when they did so in a legal war and especially since there was no condemnation or cries of war crimes upon the assassination of Osama bin Laden who also should have stood trial and whose body interestingly enough was not shown to the world.


One Comment to “Body of Evidence”

  1. I think it’s sick the way his body is being kept and exhibited like a freak show. Time to move on now both the world’s media and enough libyans have seen his body.

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