Happy Birthday Private Eye!

If you’re not familiar with this fabulous rag, let me introduce you to one of Britain’s most amazing fortnightly satirical magazine on Britain’s current affairs.  On occassion the Private Eye seems like the UK’s only independent news reporting the story behind the story and in between the lines.

With every issue that comes through my letterbox I laugh out loud at the articles and cartoons, especially ‘supermodels’ and am shocked and angered by the public sector’s waste and mis-management.  If you missed Private Eye issue 1293, get down to your local library for their coverage on the News International scandal.  Cover to cover it is easily one of their most hilarious issues and features a fictional account between Wendy Deng, wife of Rupert or ‘Lupert’ Murdoch.

Here’s to another 50 years!


One Comment to “Happy Birthday Private Eye!”

  1. I love the Private Eye look-a-likes .. they are v v v funny

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