Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

The UK government announced last week that it would be giving £60 million to India for health programmes and a total of £1.6 billion over the next five years for development and wealth creation concentrating on three of India’s most poverty-stricken states.

India is rightly proud of it’s admirable growth figures and I wonder, for example, if India privatised its over-indulged national airline the savings from subsidy funds would release money for the same causes Britain is funding.  Anyone who has been to Delhi recently will see the vast change in India’s development and bulging middle class.  Although I agree that the objectives are good, I find it more difficult to digest such generously committed international development budgets when some libraries in Britain are closing their doors due to funding cuts.


4 Comments to “Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?”

  1. All countries need to both crackdown on tax evasion….Greece…india…even the uk.

  2. Well, as that infamous trader said .. countries don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs does. And how did we recently kiss their a$$? By writing off their tax bill !

  3. I know, it’s shocking about the tax right-off especially since a senior torie was involved in lobbying for GS. Read more in the current issue of private eye…

  4. The Indian Express reported today that the Indian Government agreed to guarantee a Rs18,000 crore loan for new aircraft for Air India. Interesting priorities.

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