Freedom Fries

Nicolas Sarkozy apparently snapped at David Cameron telling him that he was fed up of Britain telling them how to fix the Euro and it was none of our business as we were not part of the single currency.

The new father must be suffering sleepless nights and have a nappy for a brain these days as he seems to have forgotten that Britain does indeed have an interest in the success, or otherwise, of the Euro since we have to help with their phenomenal and ever-increasing bailout fund and a significant amount of our countries trade is with the EU.  No doubt he will want to be friends with Britain when they need to come with their begging bowl.

How do you say 1 trillion Euro bailout fund in French?



3 Comments to “Freedom Fries”

  1. I know! How cheeky of them! They sign up coutries with dodgy accounting styles and a lazy workforce and then we join in the recovery plans! Sarkozy has some nerve!

  2. I don’t want to come across all daily telegraph but it’s all very well france and other european nations coming out this week to say greece should never have been allowed to enter the euro but at the time they were all in wedded bliss. Now everyone in europe will have to fork out for this fantastical monetary union resembling a bottomless pit. britain tried trade with fixed exchange rates – the infamous exchange rate mechanism – and was therefore in an experienced position to know not to join the single currency. instead of listening to advice from an experienced member of the EU and home to one of the financial capitals of the world the eurozone ploughed arrogantly ahead.

  3. And what about Italy!! What a stable country run by a sensible chap! Who on earth allowed them to join? We will be footing the bill for all the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland/Italy, Greece and Spain). I cannot believe how Sarkozy spoke to Cameron – so unprofessional and undipomatic.

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