The paunch is a sign of wealth, health and prosperity in Asian culture. The larger the belly, the richer the man or woman. However, in India today, there is growing concern over obesity and diabetes among the growing middle class as gastric bands are being introduced to help people overcome their weight problems.

Whilst gastric bands are a solution for severe conditions, there is a bigger problem here and that is the culture of wealth.A recent article in BBC News highlighted that one surgeon performs more than 300 of these a year and is growing.

The problem isn’t just in India, it is global for Asians. I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of people who are clinically obese in my family because of their diet and lack of exercise. However, I do know that access and attitude toward food and exercise is changing for the positive.

Nevertheless, it does leave me with great concern that like a population of Indians will be inserted gastric bands and the problem of obesity will never be tackled. I applaud the companies who are introducing gyms at work and the personal trainer in the BBC story that has worked on reducing the weight of the police force just to enable them to do their jobs!!

Let’s say goodbye to the paunch.







One Comment to “Paunch-Erello”

  1. I work out, on average, 6 times a week which is slightly excessive but I also eat a lot so have to do something to keep the paunch at bay!

    I have a large family in all shapes and sizes – although many of us exercise regularly, the majority will not exercise at all – they will always choose the car over walking, a cupcake over some sit-ups!

    Interestingly, most of my aunts and uncles are on some form of medication to assist them with a list of ailments – with a rich Punjabi diet of sugar, butter and milk and not even walking for 30 minutes a day it is no surprise that they have knee pain, back pain, diabetes, heart problems, insomnia, depression etc etc.

    In fact, now I think of it this is even more incentive to hit the gym and RUN!

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