Sleeping Beauty

Where can you feel glamorous even on a Monday night?  At the Royal Opera House of course, and why not start the winter season with Sleeping Beauty which is currently being shown and ending with standing ovations as it is so marvelous!

The first act is stolen by the witch who arrives with an army of rats.  It must be so fun playing the villian, certainly the costumes are more fun.

My favourite scene is when Sleeping Beauty is dancing with four suitors in the second act.  She stands like the ballerina in a music box that I owned as a girl, and each suitor dances up to her twirls her and leaves her, all the while she remains poised, balancing on one set of toes. The whole venue erupted with joy in appreciation of such raw talent!

In the third act we are treated to an autumnal scene where the dancers arrive in tweeds, feathers in caps and whips! A fun dance involving other fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf entertain us til the end.

One thought, and please do pardon my ignorance, as although I can appreciate  the male ballet dancer as much as any gay man, I find myself transfixed on the women. As far as ballet goes, women are miles better and as fas as Sleeping Beauty goes it’s certainly a ballerina’s tale!


3 Comments to “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Sounds magical and worth seeing.

  2. Can’t wait to see it – I managed to get some fairly cheap tickets!

  3. I saw this the other day – fantastic!!

    I love it that they rotate the lead roles, so you never get the exact same performance twice.

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