Last Days Of Meaning

Nitin Sawhney played at the Union Chapel in Islington last week and was breathtakingly sublime.

The intro, “Nadia” was performed by British vocalist Nicki Wells who was truly amazing and by far the highlight of the night. If you closed your eyes you would think she was Indian. Never have I heard an Indian themed song being sung so well by a British singer.

True to form, Sawney indulged the audience with wonderful flamenco rythms as he cradled his spanish guitar. At one point, I was expecting Vince and Flavia from Strictly Come Dancing to enter on stage with a Tango. Then, as if entering another era of his life, kathak conversation with the tabla drummer entranced us to the point of seduction.

The venue, a working candlelit chapel, was perfect host to Sawhney’s eclectic range and for me his best work yet. Brilliantly for us, the chapel was lightly filled, even though sold out, so near to front pews were easily accessible. If you haven’t heard it, play it, download it, buy it. It has got to be an ipod download for 2011.



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