Too Posh To Push

The “too posh to push” trend has hit India with Aishwarya Rai booking herself in for a cesarean section to ensure her baby’s birth date and time for 11.11.11 @ 11.11am.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts of trying to have the perfect birth, it rarely goes according to plan, so I do hope for Aishwarya’s sake that the surgeons are on the ball and there are no complications as a second later or earlier just will not do!

Normally, this major abdominal operation is seen as a last resort in cases of complication except privately, where you can choose a cesarean section over giving birth naturally. And why not!!?? Who on earth wants to go through labour; midwives and consultants poking around your nether region; and then the real pain of giving birth where all sorts of undignified positions and obscenities are shared with your partner.

Until I had a forced cesarean section, I would have happily chosen it over giving birth naturally. But, no one tells you about the pain after birth. There is a reason why they say a women must rest for up to 6 weeks after a c-section. It is severely painful and if you do not heal properly, you can cause major problems moths later. So when pregnant with my second child, I defied the norm and gave birth naturally despite being told that the pressure could burst my internal stitches. I wanted to be able to give birth, go home and look after my children without having to be bedridden for weeks.

I am sure Aishwarya will be well looked after and her after birth care will be second to none. The anticipation no longer is when will the baby arrive, but as one Indian newspaper put it, is it one or two.


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