Cry Baby

Perhaps all you yummy mummies out there won’t appreciate this post but I have to say there is nothing worse than being stuck on a long-haul flight with your crying brat.

There is no escape, a first class ticket won’t even save you from the screams.  I do feel sorry for you as you have to deal with the child and I feel sorry for the child as it no doubt doesn’t want to be there either but who feels sorry for the rest of us?

I’d prefer Snakes On A Plane to Babies On A Plane any day although shudder at the thought of either.


6 Comments to “Cry Baby”

  1. A baby’s crying is designed to be irritating. I can’t stand it on a plane, so I have noise cancelling earphones. That also means I don’t hear any announcements, but that’s better than listening, under duress, to some brat. What it can’t stop is them kicking the back of your seat….

  2. A baby once cried through the whole of my cousin’s wedding ceremony – we were in a hotel so there was no reason at all for one stupid parent to take the baby outside so that the rest of us could enjoy mycousin’s special day with her. I couldn’t hear a thing from where I was sitting – I don’t really care about this particular wedding BUT if it was my sister’s wedding I would have asked them to leave the room!

  3. I have never taken my children on a long haul flight for this very reason despite my children being great in public spaces.

    However, it isn’t the child’s fault and I don’t for one minute believe the child is a brat. He/she is being asked to be confined to a space which they are not used to. Most children find this hard and if they didn’t, I would find that there was something wrong with them.

    I do feel that parents should choose daytime flights if possible and aircrafts should try and accommodate families flying with children by having a play space etc.. rather than cramming in as many people onto a plane as possible.

    I wish parents who have screaming children in restaurants would take them home too. Instead, the parent’s allow the child to ruin everyone else’s time.

    • I don’t think anyone blames the child or thinks they are a brat and I’m sure the parents cringe if it’s their child that is disturbing the plane. But flights to India creep closely to £1000 and having to endure a cry baby the whole way is intolerable. I don’t mind an active toddler on the plane, that’s cute. But a baby? Jesus, tell the grandparents to come to the UK to see it!! Of course a baby is distressed and it’s distressing us too!

  4. My friends have resigned themselves to eating in Giraffe for the foreseeable future as their kids can go nuts and you don’t even notice as everyone else’s kids are mental too! Great place (if you are eating with kids) I recommend their milkshakes!

    • The last time I went to Giraffe it was full of kids picking food off the floor and eating it while their yummy mummys were knocking back the sauvignon!

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