Drinkable Delight

Cafe Coffee Day is a chain in India, almost every area in Delhi has one or two outlets.  They provide all the usual beverages you’d expect, however, after a selcted trial they have finally introduced their rose flavoured mocha to their main menu.

It is so delicious, I can’t get enough of it!  It is like a drinkable Turkish delight – I used to have a very expensive Turkish delight habit (a box of assorted flavours like rose, pistachio and hazelnut every three days from Harrods yummy!) and had to slowly calm my addiction but this new coffee would have sparked it off again but luckily I am on the other side of the planet to Harrods.

For those of you in London, the only place I could find that you can try a rose flavoured coffee is in Kaslik a Lebanese restaurant in Soho.


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