A Lovely Conversation

A lovely conversation between Kiran and Anita Desai was published in last week’s Guardian and I wanted to share it with you.

I have the Desai collection and have enjoyed the books, so am looking forward to Anita Desai’s new book “The Artist of Disappearance”.

This conversation reminded me of the inspiration and aspiration a mother can provide for her child and the voyeur in me, would love to sit for a whole day as a fly on the wall listening to their conversation on family, history and just life in general.

My mother rarely talks about her past. She has a terrible memory and I am not sure if it is something she doesn’t remember or chooses not to talk about. I mean she doesn’t even remember what time I was born so I know her memory isn’t great.

Nevertheless, this conversation has inspired me to learn more about my mother’s history. I know she never went to high school as she had to help bring up her siblings and she still carries the responsibility of her 5 siblings.

It’s good to talk.


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