Super Mario Takes Over

Finally, one the richest men in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, has been pushed out of the Premiership to make way for Mario Monti, an economist, to save the country from financial ruin.

I have to say I can only welcome this news. Despite my love affair with Italy, I loathe what Berlusconi stands for and the only people who have benefited out of his administration is himself, his businesses and the few that do business with him. God only knows what would have happened if the constitutional court had allowed him to pass law granting Prime Ministers immunity. He could have carried on paying for sex with minors.

Now, hopefully, the newly appointed Mario Monti will not only guide the country out of debt and recession but also change the way politics operates in Italy. I read today that the problem with Italy is not just the size of its debts but the way creditors perceive Italy, they love its culture but don’t trust its economy.

Changing the legacy of corruption is no easy feat and I don’t expect he will get any help from Rai.


4 Comments to “Super Mario Takes Over”

  1. So so happy Silvio is gone – what a loser and Italians have a lot to answer for by continuously backing him for this long – he has made them an international laughing stock, despite being such a major player.

  2. End of an era for Italy. Sometimes I find it difficult to comprehend that Italy is permitted EU membership since parts of it are lawless and under mafia rule…it is 2011 for goodness sake.

  3. Rai is the terrestrial broadcaster owned by Berlusconi.

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