The Austerity Sandwich

Times are tough and the Royal Society of Chemistry are reviving a Victorian favourite, “toast sandwich“. It costs 7.5p and was first introduced into the UK homes by Mrs Beeton in 1861, in her book Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Have you heard of anything more dull?

The recipe is put a thin slice of toast between to slices of buttered bread. It contains 300 calories and the book recommends additions to make it more creative such as vegetable or sardines. The RSC are giving away £200 to anyone who can come up with a cheaper meal.

A buttered roti rolled inside another roti and calling it a “Roti Wrap” might be cheaper. It takes a little longer to make as you would have to make the roti, but I am sure this would be less than 7.5p. You can add coriander chutney, which is my mum’s favourite, to make it more exciting.

Any suggestions are really welcome.




One Comment to “The Austerity Sandwich”

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The roti wrap, with chutney, sounds much more appetising that toast in buttered bread. I’ll have one please!

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