I heard on Radio 2 today that restaurants are starting to charge “cakeage” and it could be anything like £6 per person which is what the Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell charge. Are you kidding me?

People have been bringing cakes to birthday dinners and normally, the waiter would bring out the cake with candles and even join in to sing “Happy Birthday”. Now some restaurants are asking you to pay them for serving the cake.  If you had a party of ten people at the Modern Pantry it could cost you £60 to eat the cake that you bought. The restaurant didn’t even have to make it. It wouldn’t be so absurd if it was £2 for the whole cake but to charge per person seems like the restaurant is ripping off its customers.

A caller into the programme experienced being charged £2 spoonage because she asked for an extra spoon to share a dessert with her husband. Surely restaurants should be finding ways of attracting customers not fleecing those that dine at their establishments.

I think I will be checking with the restaurant in future if there is a charge for bringing my own birthday cake as I don’t want to be landed a £60 bill for eating a cake that I bought.


2 Comments to “Cakeage”

  1. That’s quite shocking. It would be more OK if the restaurant organised the cake to your specifications for 60 pounds – a Konditor and Cook cake with all the trimmings or something similar – but seriously, this is such a rip off, I would refuse to pay and refuse to pay the service too for such shoddy behaviour. In fact, it is perfectly legal not to pay the bill at all (I used to work in the restaurant trade), but leave your contact details and walk out.

    If you (stupidly) agree to such a charge beforehand, then fine, but restaurants cannot land you with a charge like 6 pounds a head without prior notice. And, this is London, it’s not as if the girls would normally be eating dessert anyway, so the restaurant is not losing money from people not buying their desserts because they are eating own bought cake instead.

  2. I think it’s just mean and miserable restaurants that would do such a thing and I agree, I certainly wouldn’t book a restaurant that charged for serving a cake bought in. You’d want to have tea or wine with the cake anyway so they could make money from that.


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