Moustache Month

Movember is a month-long initiative aimed at raising awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.  It’s wonderful seeing men trying to grow their moustaches and figure out that to do with them as the…art?…of moustache grooming is forgotten.

Daniel Craig joins in, above, and below you will find some other lovely or otherwise moustaches:

Robert De Niro from Godfather Part II, rocks his ‘tache.

Two very different detectives!

This moustache seems to have a life of its own!




7 Comments to “Moustache Month”

  1. From all the moustache’s I have seen in real life on TV – the best I must say has to be the moustache of Amir Khan in the Film Mangal Pandey. There is something about him which makes him look so real in this legend of a movie. I often wonder more now since its moustache month that if Amir Khan had a different style moustache then it may not have made the same impact.

  2. My husband is doing Movember. He looks like a Cuban drug dealer!!! He did it 4 years ago too.
    I wish I could add his photo to this too.
    Great cause and well done everyone who is growing a moustache for it.

  3. I honestly wish I could pull off a moustache. Especially if it looked as good as Mangal Pandey’s. I have a lot of respect for the guys out there growing a bushy upper lip for the greater cause.

  4. No offence to all those white boys I see on the tube but if I didn’t immac for a week I’d have a better ‘tache than all of them!

  5. “Movember is a great initiative and helps so many worthy causes. It’s great to see all these pieces of “”art”” around the place but be careful when shaving it all off! Look after your top lip!

  6. daniel craig looks like a religious education teacher with his one!

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