Calling Mr Vain

A new report claimed that British men spend longer than British women on personal grooming, coming from a family full of vain men I could have told them that.  I can’t comment too much, I take ages … the words ‘quick’ and ‘shower’ do not ever go together.

Imagine that this survey was of British men, not traditinally known for grooming so imagine how long Greek, Italian and South Asian men take!  Delhi is full of beauty parlours for men offering treatments with dubious posters offering a glimpse of what a man who goes in would come out looking like.  Is this a before shot or after?


2 Comments to “Calling Mr Vain”

  1. Nice strawberry lip balm!

  2. As a young British male, I think there is growing pressure for us to make an effort with our appearance. The glory days of women finding an un-groomed man, with the ‘I just got out of bed and haven’t had a shower’ look attractive are long gone. I’m all up for a trim shave and styled hair. I even use face and hand creams, but I draw the line at make up. There’s something not quite right about the boys you see walking around Camden wearing black nail polish, mascara and eye liner.

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